[INFO] TVXQ’s Ideal Girl Type List

Changmin’s Ideal Girl :

  1. Good in English,
  2. Love to flirt in a cute way,
  3. Smart and Bright,
  4. Adorable,
  5. Good Manners,
  6. Pretty
  7. Good at singing,
  8. Good in musical,
  9. Good in cooking,
  10. Daring,
  11. Understanding,
  12. Look pretty when smile
  13. Good at talking,
  14. Has a sense of humor,
  15. Has an appropriate body figure,
  16. Quiet and strong mind
  17. DISLIKE girls using vulgarities.

Jaejoong’s Ideal ‘Girl’ :

  1. Someone who leaves a good impression of him,
  2. Love to flirt in a cute way,
  3. Adorable,
  4. Filial
  5. Has inner beauty,
  6. Understanding,
  7. Kind-hearted,
  8. Make people feel at ease around her,
  9. Solid calfs
  10. Having both beautiful toes and finger nails.

Yoochun’s Ideal Girl :

  1. A girl who looks sexy after dressing up and pure when not,
  2. Love to flirt in a cute way,
  3. Lively,
  4. Healthy
  5. Have a beautiful figure body& face,
  6. Confident&cool,
  7. A straightforward character which loves to play,
  8. Have a beautiful necks&shoulder curves,
  9. A woman whom concern him like a mother,
  10. Has an artistic feel
  11. Good in dancing,
  12. Serious when doing her own thing,
  13. Understanding
  14. Good hair quality,
  15. Has a sense of humour,
  16. Feminime yet adorable,
  17. Someone whom is successful in her own field yet take him as her world.

Yunho’s Ideal Girl:

  1. A quick-minded woman,
  2. Straightforward or open-hearted.
  3. A woman whom leads me occasionally.
  4. Positive&lively
  5. Have black straight hair & slinder build.
  6. Has inner beauty,
  7. Someone whom like a big sister.
  8. Good complexion,
  9. Pretty&have big eyes,
  10. Being recognized in her own field,
  11. Confident,
  12. Tall,
  13. Have a sense of humour,
  14. Someone whom isn’t fake and doesn’t pretend to be someone else,
  15. Understanding.

Junsu’s Ideal Girl :

  1. Someone whom has her own morales and beliefs,
  2. Good in studies and has inner beauty,
  3. Adorable,
  4. Pretty,
  5. Love to flirt in a cute way,
  6. Filial,
  7. Someone whom is knowledgable,
  8. Kind-hearted,
  9. Pure,
  10. Feminime woman,
  11. Has music sense,
  12. Understanding,
  13. Good in sport,
  14. Good in singing,
  15. Good-nature,
  16. Has artistic feel,
  17. Positif & Lively,
  18. Docile,
  19. Dislike girls who are introverted

Source : Sharingyoochun

Shared by: Fanficyunjae @beth91191


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