[PIC] May 4, 2013, Yunjae and OT5

[130502] Yunho looking at JaeChun’s TonyMoly Ad board at airport??!! U can compare w/ the reflection on his glasses; and… his sad expression really touched T.T

jinroee cr: Jinroee

___ ^^___

Yunho before & after seeing JaeChun’s Tony Moly adv board

yn before after seeing jaechun's tony moly-yunjae-melody love

cre: yunjae – melody love


[Trans][rphyme’s blog in 2009 – Yunho and rphyme]

NB: rphyme is the one who appeared in all the three pictures here. We can see that he plays closedly w/ YunJae & Geunsuk. Btw, Geunsuk and Jaejoong are close frens; one of their frens has revealed this to fans!


After a long time meeting U-know Yunho
(I knew U-know Yunho before he debuted…)

Personally, I like TVXQ very much
no matter when they had interview or met them on the street recently
they are polite and make others happy
sincere and honest…

I am impressed by TVXQ, members’ amiable attitude, even it’s minor

Today, I go to a balcony bar and drinking with some sunbaes who I haven’t seen for a while

(Yunho) came and greeted me
Then Hero Jaejoong came too…but I didn’t take picture with him…

Though we didn’t meet for a long time, they were like my little brothers as they used to be…
They are idols representing Korea.

They replied my text messages immediately
(If I monitored their live music programs, they replied in 3 minutes.^^)

Stay healthy~

Prhyme all the time…

P.ASS Because he (Yunho) is idol, I added a bling bling frame!
Kids nowadays are very tall…

-Yunho and …Jaejoong…only two of them went(to the bar)?!^^^^^
Where are the other members?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Source & Chinese trans : 楠楠思密达哟
English trans by erosie

Reshared: boboyunjae


Yunho’s new solo song is Kiss Time; Jaejoong’s songs in his 1st solo album are One Kiss & Kiss B.


Yunjae on the same bridge LoL

yj on the bridges are the same

via boboyunjae


YunJae on a Chinese Magazine!

yunjae on a chinese magazine

via boboyunjae


YJ same concept and same red hair ^^ and OT5




cr : livinglikeadreamyj


Jae’s sister posed w/ Yoyo Jiji beside the shelter filled up w/ DB5K & Yunho’s pictures

jae's sister posed w yoyo jiji beside thye shelter filled up w dbsk-yjt

via YJT


New OT5 pic (Mirotic era) signed by 5 in Coffee Cojjee

new ot5 pic signed by 5 in coffee cojjee

via twitter


Same ring???? o.O

cr on pic

cr on pic


One same sweater w/ SooAe in Yawang more =__=


via livinglikeadream @twitter


Jaejoong shooting for NII summer

Jaejoong shooting for NII Summer-@babyYJ_is_real

cr @BabyYJ_is_Real



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